Monday, October 14, 2013

How Much Mercy Should a College Journalist Get When Making Up Stories?

Disgrace among the journalist's fellow students but a pass when googled years from now.


Victor Valle said...

Absolutely none. This is training for the real world. Just because of the age/level of the student doesn't give them a pass to the ethics of journalism.

Haley Zaremba said...

I think I'm with Victor on this one. This kid knew what he was doing, it happened multiple times, and it was in published material. That's just inexcusable. Maybe one time deserves mercy, but since he was a repeat offender, I think he deserves the same punishment a professional journalist would receive. He should have paid more attention in his journalism ethics class!

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Oh, this one is hard. I agree in principle with you two, but my gut says cut the kid some slack. The campus audience for the expose will immediately be able to identify the culprit, and I wager he'll have a tough time finding recommenders on his campus. Your argument that he shouldn't be treated like a naughty child - college kids are adults! - is reasonable and founded on industry ethics. I'm just thinking that if this happened at USF.... Hmm. Is USF too much about mercy and too little about justice??