Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ben's Example?


Here is an excerpt from a cnn.com article about the BART strike ending. There was an opportunity for an interesting quote or an interesting insight about the quote in either direction which would have made the article better in my opinion, but the journalist, Ed Payne, chose not to use the chance. 

Trains are expected to be up and running sometime Tuesday -- but it wasn't immediately clear whether full service will be restored in time for the morning commute. BART warned that morning capacity may be limited.
The two sides had been negotiating a new contract for months, with little headway. Neither side released details of the tentative agreement.
"This has been a long and difficult negotiation," BART General Manager Grace Crunican said. "Our thanks to all of you in the public for your patience through this very difficult process."
The strike, which began Friday morning, was the second in three months.

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