Tuesday, October 29, 2013

As Journalists, What Do We Say to Russell Brand?


Anonymous said...

At one point in the interview, Jeremy says that Russell Brand was very vague in his explanations on what he believes the problems are with politics and so forth. I think this is reflective on Jeremy's interviewing skills...as a journalist, it is your job to dig deepers and ask those next questions. Russell Brand was only given the platform to be vague, I am sure if asked to further describe what he means and to dive deeper into his subjects, he would have.

Susan White said...

I agree, I do admire Paxman’s aggressive interviewing technique and total unwillingness to let Brand off the hook. I wish more interview subjects were treated this way.

As a journalist, I want to know why Brand figuratively sits in the corner and criticizes democracy from afar. Then again, he could readily accuse me of doing the same thing, as the very foundation of “watchdog journalism” involves this exact practice.