Thursday, November 21, 2013

Report: Batkid Wish Cost S.F. $105,000

As the city comes down from the high of the year, The Chronicle's City Hall watchdog duo Matier & Ross have dug into what Miles' wish cost the city of San Francisco. According to their sources the price tag on the event totaled a cool $105,000.

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....J.Michael Robertson said...

I was glad to see this bit of info. My cheeks were wet with tears, but tears dry. I wanted to know how much it cost. The next bit of info I want to see is an estimate of the value of the publicity San Francisco got. And what about all the good will the Chron created for itself? Journalism ethics? One would have to take the coverage in toto and make a judgment after teasing out just which journalistic values - balance in sourcing? absence of cheerleading? - you choose to apply. A story like this that overflows from section to section, from news section to columnists to letters to ed - suggests what I'd call the strength of a larger, multi-layered news source. Different voices offer different points of view, some distanced, some up close, personal and involved.