Friday, November 15, 2013

A relief from the master narrative of tech reporting.

"Hot New Startup No One Needs"

It's just a tech blog (partnered with Gawker), but I really appreciate how critical this article is of a ridiculous new start-up named “Coin.” They’re working on a device that allows you to upload all of your credit card information to one place. A mind-bafflingly stupid idea, in my opinion. (How is that remotely safe?!)

It’s rare for any media, new or old, to write anything critical of the tech industry. Too often are they commended with phrases like “innovative,” “leading the way,” and “revolutionary.” We still refer to Steve Jobs as a hero, despite his lack of notable philanthropic work and willingness to outsource cheap labor to China. (Not to mention his notorious temper.) Yet we’re always waiting to see who will become the next Apple or Google.

The tech industry is always portrayed as “saving the world.” It’s true that technology has made our lives easier, but it’s also sparked a lot of problems that are inherent to our capitalistic system. I think a lot of people forget that technology is capitalism. It doesn’t necessarily seek to include everybody. There are people who get left behind.

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