Friday, November 08, 2013

Hillary Clinton Bans Press from SF Appearances

Hillary Clinton Bans Press from SF Appearances

Hillary's closing us out! should we fight it!?


Susan White said...

Well, they appear to be ceremonies for private interest groups that really have nothing to do with politics. Perhaps the exclusivity has more to do with protecting members of the audience, who are probably uptight, extremely well-to-do people wanting a certain level of intimacy with the former First Lady. (After all, they paid for it.) Maybe it was just a business decision on the part of Hillary’s booking staff.

On an unrelated note, do we allow media figures on campus when public figures like Nancy Pelosi come to visit? I know she spoke at one of our graduations. Would the school have allowed the press within the church or chapel?

haley wise said...

Susan, I doubt it... They probably would have a few people from the Foghorn in the room to cover the graduation in general, but not necessarily have an open media studies section as they would at public events for reporters.

professordoctor said...

My first thoughts are that any group that monitors attendance - you need a ticket or credential to get in - can certainly keep self-identified reporters out. But what if the reporter sneaks in? I assume the group then punishes the reporter or the organization by refusing to allow access of various kinds. (As for USF, I can't imagine us ever turning down publicity.)

Here's an article that deals with a similar situation, suggesting what punishment would consist of.

By Nick Gass
Apr 29, 2011 3:31pm

ABC News' Ann Compton reports:

The hand-held video of protestors who bought their way into an Obama fundraiser in San Francisco April 21st has created a journalism flap and the White House is denying that the local reporter who posted the video on the San Francisco Chronicle website has been banned from future presidential coverage.

"The San Francisco Chronicle violated the coverage rules that they – and every other media outlet – agreed to as part of joining the press pool for that event,” White House press secretary Jay Carney says in a statement to ABC News.

“If they thought the rules were too restrictive they should have raised that at the beginning. However, no reporters have been banned from covering future presidential events and the White House of course would have no problem including any reporter who follows the rules in pool-only events," Carney insisted.

Carla Marinucci is the newspaper reporter who covered the President’s fundraising remarks with the duty of sharing her notes with other local reporters. The ground rules set by the White House, and understood by the Washington reporters travelling with the President, mandated that audio and video of the event were prohibited but the President’s words could be reported verbatim.

At one table, a woman who said she had paid the required $5,000 campaign donation to earn an invitation began to sing a song protesting some of the President’s policies. Marinucci used her mobile d