Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Photos of the Philippines

I thought CNN made a good call in putting up explicit photos to show the devastation in the Philippines but warning about the nature of the photos before clicking through to the photos of a body. Something that comes with the new digital media that would not have been possible with print - being able to warn about content beforehand so that people are not disturbed, but the people who want to see can access the photos.


professordoctor said...

Solid insight. In this case it seems that new tech enhances ethics, walking the line between presenting the truth but not horrifying the readers sensibilities. The information is easily available, but the viewer is given a choice. That's probably the best way to approach accounts of tragedy. I am responsible for just how far into this I want to go. Maybe being responsible in small things reminds us we are responsible in larger things.

Susan White said...

I agree. It’s a wise and sensitive decision on the part of the news site. However, I wonder if this interferes with the journalist’s job of “afflicting the comfortable.” Aren’t we supposed to be getting the truth out there, even if it makes people unhappy? I thought that was the point. People aren’t usually inspired to move unless their emotions drive them to do so.