Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What Journalists Do - In a Different Way. It's Not Fate. It's Editing

Stars of the original reality tv show, colour
Stars of the original reality tv show, colour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Reality TV has given rise to the idea of "winner edits" and "loser edits."Broadly speaking, they're the ways reality shows are structured so viewers are gently guided to the season's conclusion. There are myriad ways to set up a winner or a loser, but diehard reality fans are used to most of them by now. (Think, for instance, of the blowhard who needs to get his comeuppance, or the quiet person who lurks at the show's edges, always there for big moments but never central to them. The former is a classic loser edit, the latter a classic winner edit.)

This is from a Vox story on Project Greenlight.

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