Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Journalism and American Exceptionalism - A Few First Thoughts

English: There are no symbols that represent s...
English: There are no symbols that represent skepticism. This is one symbol that can be used to represent skepticism, skeptical inquiry, critical thinking, critical inquiry, and truth-seeking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The tension between skepticism and patriotism in news coverage.

Eric Deggans, who writes about the media for the St. Petersburg Times, noted that “the reason critics like myself protested anchors wearing flags on their lapels and using words such as “us” and “we” in referring to the military since 9/11 is because a free press is at its best when it is skeptical.” He added that “classic patriotism demands a suspension of skepticism that is directly in conflict with our role as gatekeepers and professional skeptics.”

A link to a website celebrating the encouragement of young conservative journalists.

Obama and the loaded question.

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