Friday, October 09, 2015

Was James Gordon Bennett's New York Herald Sued for Libel?

James Gordon Bennett, Sr.
James Gordon Bennett, Sr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

JGB seldom sued others for libel

Bonus link: A scathing obit

Plus this from this about Bennett from an enemy.

This impudent disturber of the public peace, whose infamous paper, the Herald, is more scurrilous, and of course more generally read, than any other, has been tried in the Court of Oyer and Terminer, and convicted on two indictments for a libel on the Judges Noah and Lynch, of the Court of Sessions; he was sentenced this morning to pay a fine of $250 on one, and $100 on the other. This will do him more good than harm; he will make money by it; the vitiated appetite for slander which pervades the mass of the people will be whetted by the notoriety which this trial will give him, for dearly do the people love the scandal of which themselves are not the subject! The court consisted of Hon. William Kent, president, and two Loco-foco Aldermen, Purdy and Lee; the two latter, "birds of a feather," overruled the judge in making up the sentence, of which he took care to inform Bennett in the address which he made to him in announcing it, telling him plainly that if he had had his way he would have sent him to the penitentiary, and intimating that whenever he gets a chance he may expect it at his hands, on the commission of another such offence

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