Sunday, September 01, 2013

Photos of children in wartime, is it ethical? A case study on Syria.

I've noticed there have been a lot of photos of dead or horrifically maimed children in recent days, such as this one featured in WaPo (click at your own risk, it's not particularly bloody or gory due to to the fact that chemical weapons were used, but it's immensely disheartening and difficult to  look at).
In any case, it got me thinking about the ethical issues. There are already some qualms about photographing dead people and publishing them, but in war this seems to be suspended. However, children are often used for inflammatory purpose and often the family of these children don't know that they're dead. Is it ethical to be publishing these images? As minors, they're under the protective care of someone else and, if the children were living and in the US, parental or guardian consent is required to take children's photos in a lot of cases.

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victorcvalle said...

Definitely true. It's also difficult if one wants to continue to pursue hard hitting and intriguing photojournalism.