Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Classic Dodge: We Don't Report It, But We Will Report Someone Else Reporting It

The Dark Lord Geraldo, a colleague from the old days who sits on my right shoulder taunting me about my squishy liberalism, sent this. The link below says an anonymous letter was accusing  Bob Filner of being a serial sexual harasser was out there months before he was elected San Diego mayor, but the local paper chose not to publish because.... Well, take a  look.

“Filner's Republican opponent, San Diego Council member Carl DeMaio, shared the letter with the San Diego Union-Tribune and other local media outlets, but no one was able to pin anything down in a way that could be reported to their newsroom standards. The city lacked the sort of dishy blogs or hovering national gossip outlets through which similar charges now often make their way into mainstream news reports. No one spoke up on the record, and nothing happened.”

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