Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Evil that is Photoshop and Other Horrors of Manipulation, Digital or Otherwise

Famous Photo Frauds

No Real Women, Please

He changed the color *of the sky*

Flopping photos

Weegee's Night at the Opera

The Migrant Mother

The Flag at Iwo Jima

We Should Never Have Trusted Photography in the First Place

Things We Don't Want to See (But Do We Need to?)

Grieving Widows

Oklahoma City

Dying Soldier

Marine Wedding

California's Paparazzi Crackdown

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Scarlette said...

Photojournalism is super tricky because photos are so powerful. It is easy to go in and take photos of a situation but to publish one is a different story. You need to be appropriate and super empathetic to who you are telling a story about.