Friday, November 18, 2011

Dean Wright on Online Journalism Ethics

In the following video, Journalist Dean Wright gives advice on "Transparency" and how "Citizen Journalists" can gain the trust of their readers. I think this is very useful information. Your thoughts?


Rachelle said...

While it was amusing enough to watch Dean Wright talk without opening his mouth, he does offer viewers key advice in being a moral and ethical journalist. While basic ("don't be biased") and somewhat obvious ("be honest"), he does touch on all the key points in being a stand-up journalist, which includes admitting fault, which can be quite hard to do. No one likes a Correction's Box. This video would probably serve very useful in a Beginning Reporting class.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

I'm imagining a somewhat naive but fundamentally fair-minded would-be journalist listening to this and learning some new things. I don't know how many people fit that description. I have to admit I'd never thought about calling a blog's "who-am-I?" box a mission statement. I think that's a good way to frame it. As for running a comments section, I agree absolutely 100 percent, but I would have added: But you are going to have to moderate it to keep it from descending into gibberish, pique and mindless vituperation.